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Kate accessed the Floating Support Service at Stockport Without Abuse in September 2011. She had a young son and was heavily pregnant when she was re-housed into her new property after staying in a women’s refuge.
Kate was very nervous about what would happen to her young son when she went into labour. Her worker discussed arranging for Social Care to help out but she managed to get a family member to stay with her for a week before she was due to have the baby. Kate was very scared about having the child alone and asked the worker if she would attend the birth with her. Kate went into labour late one Sunday evening and her worker was there and even cut the babies cord.
Kate had a lot of debts from her previous property as the perpetrator hadn’t being paying the bills. She was very anxious about all the letters she was receiving from debt agencies and after a discussion with Christians Against Poverty they agreed to help her make plans to clear the debts.
During the weekly visits, her SWA worker encouraged Kate to consider her own future and Kate commented that she wanted to return to university in the future. 
Together, they ensured that her young son was settled in a new school and that Kate and her baby engaged with the health professionals.
Kate settled really well into her new home and made new friends.  She has now commenced a university course and has re-built a safe and happy life with her children.



Alisha moved into SWA refuge after fleeing many years of physical, sexual and emotional abuse; and suffers from quite severe anxiety as a result. Staff had some concerns about her mental well-being as she initially minimised the effects of the domestic abuse on her mental health.

Alisha engaged really well with staff and gradually began to open up about the level of abuse she experienced over many years; and recognised the negative effects it had on her self-esteem. Alisha completed The Little Books Course; registered for the Spectrum programme at the Women’s Centre and has reported a positive outcome in terms of Alisha feeling some improvement in her mental well-being. Alisha has recently been offered a property in another local authority, which she is delighted with. However, she was becoming anxious about securing an appropriate school place for her 7 year old Son. Staff contacted the relevant authority and was able to secure a place at a school of Alisha’s choice for her Son. Alisha is due to move out of Refuge soon and is looking forward to making a fresh start in a new home with her Son.


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